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Lake Rebecca, Minnesota Fishing Report

5 Star Fatty Day! Current fly fishing conditions are great! The fishing is abundant so get out there. Weather, flows are perfect. Hatch may be occuring. Trout are rising. You do not want to miss it! 'Listen to the sound of the river and you will get a trout.' - Irish proverb

Fly Fishing Forecast for Lake Rebecca, Minnesota

Today 7/23 7/24 7/25 7/26

What is Whacking Fatties? Fishing reports and forecasts for ~10,000 streams and lakes and rivers across North America and the United Kingdom.

How is the Fatty Factor calculated?

The Fatty Factor is calculated using a fishing success estimation model containing proprietary big data analytics. We consume data from near and real-time sources, satellites, and sensors; compile/compare, against historic datasets, to create the Fatty Factor. Location, season, and analytics improve the rating over time.

How is the Fatty Factor rated?

5 stars is the best while 0 stars is “Not Fatty”.

How to use Whacking Fatties Fishing Reports and Forecasts?

Consult the detailed stream information section of the fishing reports and forecasts for the latest weather temperatures, wind speeds, cloud cover, gauge flows, and insect hatch patterns.

What do trout eat?

Check out the hatch recommendations for each stream in the detailed stream area. Investigate the hatch recommendations if you are interested in what do trout eat.

What kind of fish can I catch?

You tell us? Rainbow trout, brook trout, lake trout, bass, carp, etc. Currently, fresh water species. Salt water fishing? Fly fishing for carp is awesome. Tell us what you are after? Steelhead, grayling, tarpon, bass, bonefish, taimen, permit, salmon fishing?

How do I use the fishing maps?

We have a vast amount of geographic data for each stream. Click on the points to get more information. Green points represent fishing access such as put-ins and take-outs. Purple points represent bridges or stream crossings whereby often Google StreetView is available. Red points represent USGS Stream Gauges. Where available, we have graphs for Predictive Hydrograph 7 days, Water Temperature, Observed Height (ft.) 7 days, Observed Discharge (cfs) 7 days, and Duration Hydrograph. The Duration Hydrograph is a graphical presentation of recent daily streamflow, plotted over the long-term statistics of streamflow for each day of the year.

With the goal of better understanding fly-fishing patterns and predicting location and ferocity of fishable events, Whacking Fatties presents the Fatty Factor: a fly-fishing success estimation model using proprietary big data analytics.

Whacking Fatties promotes responsible fishing via catch and release practice and water resources conservation.

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